Reward people for social interactions with your brand.

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Incentivize followers to spread your message

  • Unlock an exclusive movie trailer, if 5000 people tweet with the #flock hashtag.
  • Display a behind-the-scenes photo, when your twitter account reaches 10000 followers.
  • Reward twitter followers with a coupon code for using your #hashtag 2300 times.
  • Give out a downloadable goodie, after 400 people retweeted your message.

Choose a reward

Offer your fans something they'll want to unlock.

  • Coupon Code
  • Video
  • Photo
  • Music
  • File Download
  • Text / HTML

Set an unlock action

We're starting off with a twitter based platform:

  • Increase reach with a retweets threshold.
  • Gain more followers with a followers lock.
  • Get more #hashtag mentions through a hashtag campaign.

Collect email addresses from entrants and create lasting relationships with followers like never before.

Responsive microsite

Tracks progress towards the unlock goal. Fully customize your campaign microsite to match your existing brand experience.

Campaign insights

Real time rich insights on your campaigns success. Find out about high profile contestants you can reach out too and find related tweets.
Link clicks, hashtag uses, new followers and lots more interesting analytics are available.

Content Unlocked

The required threshold is reached, reward is now available to everyone.

Did you know?

The #1 reason people follow brands is
discounts and promotions

Source: Compete study, 2011

Drive engagement

Give out exclusive content your followers will love and get brand awareness and increased brand loyalty in return.

Amplify your message

Amplify your message beyond your current followers. Spread word through retweets and go trending.

Attract new customers

We help you build a positive online brand experience with entertaining promotions.

Engage your followers

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